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Audio/Visual Assessments and Services

"How do we show the bible verses during the sermon? Which software is best for songs? Is the red wire audio or video? What’s an HMDI connector?" Audio/Visual (A/V) systems can be complicated. If you’re lucky, you have a church member who is a tech person. But if you don’t GCFA can help elevate your worship and ministry experience by assessing and installing an A/V system that is right for your organizations.

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GivePlus powered by Vanco Payment Solutions

GivePlus, powered by Vanco Payment Solutions, has been helping churches thrive through eGiving solutions for 20 years. We understand that as a faith-based organization every decision you make profoundly affects the integrity of your mission­ – and impacts the people you directly serve the most. We provide churches with secure and convenient eGiving tools including donation webpages, text giving, mobile apps and card readers to further your ministry and finances.

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Top 10 A/V Questions Answered

As our certified Audio Visual (A/V) staff have traveled to annual conferences and local churches, several common questions have arisen regarding A/V equipment and services. Digital Event Specialist Corey Wills answers questions he is most commonly asked.