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GCFA.org Being Updated

 New GCFA Webpage to Launch This Spring

The General Council on Finance and Administration will be launching a new website this spring! The site, which coincides with the look and navigation of the new UMC.org site, will be designed to provide easier access to tools and resources currently available on the present site.  The launch will take place later this spring. 

What's New

IRS Mileage Rate for 2014 Released 


The IRS has announced that the business standard mileage rate for transportation expenses paid or incurred beginning January 1, 2014, will be 56 cents per mile. This is .5 cent lower than the 2013 rate. [Please refer to IR-2013-95, Dec. 6, 2013,  http://www.irs.gov/2014-Standard-Mileage-Rates-for-Business,-Medical-and-Moving-Announced, for details].

The mileage rate may be used to compute the amount to reimburse employees who are using their own cars for business purposes. It may also be used by employers that elect to use the "cents-per-mile" valuation method for purposes of determining the amount that needs to be imputed to an employee's income for personal use of certain company-owned or leased nonluxury vehicles (see The Payroll Source®, p. 3-22).

In addition, the 2014 standard rate for miles driven for the following purposes is effective January 1, 2014:

  • 56 cents per mile for business miles driven
  • 23.5 cents per mile driven for medical or moving purposes
  • 14 centa per mile driving in service of charitable organizations 

Rev. January, 2014


What's Available on the GCFA Website:

  • The 2008 General Minutes is now available to order. Click here for details.
  • All resources, forms, and reports – many of which have been available as spreadsheets or PDF documents – are available by clicking FORMS & RESOURCES on the navigation bar above.
  • The QUICK SEARCH area should provide you with the most frequently requested documents and services.
  • DONATE NOW will take you to special offerings. You can also access The Advance. Other funds will be added periodically.
  • You have the capability to print the page by using the PRINT-FRIENDLY VERSION option on each page of the site. Another new feature allows you to translate pages by selecting the language you desire. This will affect the pages, not the documents contained within. To revert back to English, visit the Google toolbar that pops up when you translate the document, and press SHOW ORIGINAL.
  • If you have linked www.gcfa.org from your site, please make the necessary updates to assure you’re linking to the most recent version of the site.

How Do I...

  • Make an online donation to a specific fund? From the DONATE NOW button, you will be directed to the online donation page. The link to “Donate Now” is also in the QUICK SEARCH box.
  • Find the monthly Financial Commitment Report? Click to FORMS/RESOURCES > REPORTS.
  • Locate the Group Ruling Request Form? Go to QUICK SEARCH on the right of this page, type in GROUP RULING in the Search criteria box, or go to FORMS/RESOURCES on the navigation bar.
  • Find the date for a meeting? From the navigation bar click on UM CALENDAR. Click on CHURCH CALENDAR. Fill in as much information as you have about the meeting, just as you would on the previous GCFA site. Press SUBMIT to get your search results.
  • Locate the phone number for a staff member? Locate ABOUT at the top of the home page. Scroll to WHO WE ARE. You will find a link for Board Members and a directory of key staff members.