Why Choose GCFA?

Community and Ministry. The General Council on Finance and Administration endeavors to provide top-level service to our employees and those we serve, creating a sense of community amongst our employees as we provide valuable servant-based ministry. Whether it is an IT professional manning a help desk, or GCFA sending its marketing employee for Google Analytics training, we are committed to providing an environment to help our employees thrive. GCFA actively fosters a sense of fun in the workplace, whether it is Popcorn Thursdays, July 4th trivia contests, or our holiday parties.


GCFA is committed to a culture of professionalism paired with work/life balance. Happy, healthy employees are productive employees – including mental, physical and spiritual health. GCFA has corporate values that matter:
• Christian Service
• Collaboration
• Commitment
• Excellence
• Humility
• Inclusiveness
• Innovation
• Integrity
• Relevance
• Respect
• Teamwork
• Transparency

Testimonials From Employees

- “Since coming to work at GCFA six months ago, I have come to appreciate the level of professionalism from the staff and the true desire to help all those we serve. “ – Brandy Bivens, Strategic Marketing Manager

- “What I enjoy about my position at GCFA is seeing the global nature of the church. It is amazing to bring people from all over the world together to meet about real needs and how they affect us all. The role is definitely challenging at times but I have never felt as blessed in a work environment as I do here.” – Cheryl Akey, Director of Travel and Meeting Planning