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GCFA Develops Plan for Global Apportionments


GCFA Board Spring Meeting– GCFA Takes Action on Global Apportionments


Nashville, TN – The Board of the General Council on Finance and Administration (GCFA) held its spring meeting in Nashville, May 20, 2015. 

During its meeting, the GCFA Board adopted a formula to propose to the 2016 General Conference which would provide for apportionment giving from the Central Conferences.  This action was taken after considerable study and after significant collaboration with the Standing Committee on Central Conference Matters. 

The GCFA Board action reflects the deep desire communicated by leaders in Central Conferences that United Methodists from around the world want to be recognized for continuing to take part in the global mission of the connection.  Since 2012 GCFA has been working closely with the Standing Committee on Central Conference Matters to develop an equitable apportionment approach and formula.

As a starting point for Central Conference apportionments, the initial focus of global apportionments will be the Episcopal Fund and General Administration funds.  The apportionment formula, which will be based on numbers of professing members with adjustment for differences in regional economic indicators, will help provide a structure for fair and equitable apportionment levels throughout the Central Conferences.

The Board took time during its deliberations to thank the Standing Committee on Central Conference Matters for its diligent effort in discerning how best to proceed on this matter.  As a result of this important work the global church will be better able, over time, to develop and implement systems and structures that will lead to global giving on a shared, rational and equitable basis.

Sharon Dean