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These are the forms that have previously been found on the GCFA site under FORMS/REPORTS. They are listed in alphabetical order by their usage – for example, forms for annual conference are listed together, forms for charge conference are listed alphabetically, etc.

Annual Conference


Charge Conference



Investment Matters

Local Church

  • Accountable Reimbursement Policies - Long Form (PDF)
  • Accountable Reimbursement Policies - Short Form (PDF)
  • Group Ruling Request Form (PDF)

Statistical Reports

SUPPLEMENT – Compensation & Expenses (PDF) | (MSWord Fill-In)

Local Church Statistics and Why They Matter (PDF)

Statistical Forms Comparisons

What has changed?
Comparisons of New Statistics Forms to the Previous Version (XLS)

Who uses this data?
A Guide to the Users of Local Church Statistics Gathered (PDF)