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Featured Home Depot Pro Xtra Program for United Methodists

Home Depot Pro Xtra Program for United Methodists

The Home Depot Pro Xtra loyalty program offers United Methodist churches and affiliate organizations the opportunity to support ministry. Through a collective purchasing and discount program, a percentage of sales will be used to provide funds to a ministry that the ministry would not normally have.

We encourage you to invite your church or United Methodist affiliate organization to sign up for The Home Depot Pro Loyalty Program. Account registration is fast and easy.  

  1. Visit
  2. Sign in to the UM Account using:
    a. Username:
    b. Password: gcfasponsor1
  3. Select "Credit Cards and Accounts" from the left hand menu
  4. Select "Add a Credit/Debit card"
  5. Select "Register Card" towards the left of the screen
  6. Add your credit/debit card information.  
  7. Select "YES" under "Do you have an agreement code.  Enter code USC
  8. Submit the form.