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Internet Use of the Cross and Flame


GCFA is authorized by General Conference to supervise the use of the Cross and Flame. Questions have arisen as to how it may be used on the Internet.

The relevant provisions of the Discipline provide that the Cross and Flame may be used by official United Methodist agencies, including local churches, to identify United Methodist work, programs and materials.

When official United Methodist agencies and local churches want to use the cross and flame on the Internet, there are several protocols to be followed:

  • Put the registration mark ® below the Cross and Flame, preferably to the right of the cross.

  • On web pages, as close as possible to the Cross and Flame, print the following:  “The Cross and Flame is a registered trademark, and the use is supervised by the General Council on Finance and Administration (GCFA) of The United Methodist Church.  Permission to use the Cross and Flame must be obtained from GCFA, Attn: Legal Department, Post Office Box 340029, Nashville, TN 37203-0029; phone 615-369-2334; fax 615-369-2338.

  • Make sure the dimensions of the Cross and Flame are correct.