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Joyfully2UMC Makes Electronic Giving Even Easier


As the population throughout the world becomes more technologically savvy, the trend in electronic contributions continue to rise.  That is just as true for faith based organizations. So, why does e-giving and digital tithing options matter for you and your churches?

Vanco Payment Solutions reported at the recent National Association of Annual Conference Treasurers (NAACT) conference that e-giving, on average, now accounts for up to 40% of the donation plate.  Other payment solutions, such as Bitcoin and Apple Pay are relative “newbies” to the marketplace, but all digital currencies will continue to impact our global systems of paying for goods and services.  Actual money, as we know it, may be very different for future generations.  As our global society progresses to a completely digital society for handling funds, our churches should consider alternatives for tithing.

Contrary to popular belief, the millennials are not the only group of people using e-giving and online payment solutions.  Vanco Payment Solutions reported that in a recent case study that e-giving accounted for 25% of all tithing at a church whose membership’s average age is 60.  Seniors represent one of the fastest growing demographics embracing technology; seniors also happen to be the largest financial supporters for many churches. 

Recognizing the trends in e-giving, GCFA, working in partnership with Vanco Payment Solutions, developed a convenient mobile-device app that allows members and visitors to make donations to the church while they are at church or if they are away.  The mobile app takes e-giving one step further.

Rebranded as Joyfully2UMC last spring, the app has a scriptural reference, 2 Corinthians 9:7, as the app is another option to give cheerfully to the church of choice. The app is free and available for Android and iOS mobile devices. 

The app, developed for members of United Methodist churches, allows users to search and find a local United Methodist church. Type in the name of the church in the SEARCH box and follow the prompts. 

Understanding the app must continually evolve to keep pace with technology, GCFA is at work on the app to make it an even better user experience. If you have suggestions for app features, or wish to offer feedback on your experience with the app, please contact GCFA.  Feedback from the connection will ensure that the next version of the app offers more benefits to the individual users and participating churches.

If your church does not currently use Vanco Payment Solutions to receive funds, you can let your finance committee know or contact Vanco Payment Solutions.  For more information about how a local church can participate in any of the electronic giving programs it provides, visit or call Vanco at 800-774-9355.

Additional materials to explain the Joyfully2UMC app can be provided for local churches to give to their church members and attendees by contacting the GCFA Shared Services department at or (866) 367-4232. Also, please visit