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GCFA Legal Manual


This Manual is a byproduct of GCFA’s responsibility to protect the legal interests of the denomination.  Its purpose is to provide basic information about legal issues common to organizations throughout The United Methodist Church.  It is not intended to be a substitute for experienced legal, accounting, or other professional advice.  Each situation is different and local laws will vary, so always consult a local attorney or other professional advisor. 

The Manual will be updated, as needed.  Any changes made will be cataloged in the document linked below.  The most up to date version of the Manual will always be available here.  In an effort to be good financial and environmental stewards, the Manual is only available for download. 

If you are looking for guidance on taxation issues, please consult the Tax Packet portion of our site.  

By clicking on the document you need, you can see a list of recent changes to the Legal Manual, the Tax Packet, and the Administrative and Judicial Procedures Manual.  

The Legal Manual

(The links below will take you to PDF of the named documents)