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Progress Made in Review of West Angola Theological School Project

General Council on Finance and Administration
The United Methodist Church
1 Music Circle North
Nashville, TN 37203 
May 9, 2014
Contact: Sharon Dean

Progress Made in Review of West Angola Theological School Project

During the May meeting of the Board of Directors, the General Council on Finance and Administration (GCFA) supported the action of the board of the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry (GBHEM) in suspending GBHEM funding for the West Angola Theological School project. 
Bishop Warner Brown, new president of the Council of Bishops, hosted a meeting and review of the West Angola theological school project. The meeting included representatives the Africa Central Conference, GCFA, GBHEM, and Bishop Gaspar Domingos. Following the meeting, Bishop Coyner, president of GCFA 
said the following, "Our meeting with Bishop Domingos was very productive, and I appreciate his good spirit and his administrative skills. All of us are focused on making sure the theological school project is completed, which was the purpose of our review." 

The review noted the following information and conclusions:

  1. Bishop Domingos provided additional photos and information about the progress of the refurbishing of the school which will host the theological training for pastors in West Angola.
  2. A detailed accounting for the budgeted amount and actual amount spent has been provided in part.
  3. The plan is to complete the work and to open the school by March 1, 2015, which will be the start of the next school year.
In order to continue to monitor this project and to move it toward completion, the consensus of the group was as follows:
  1. GBGM will proceed with their planned audit in July, 2014 to verify the use of funds for the theological school project.
  2. The West Angola Conference will continue to raise its share of the matching funds for the theological school for the grant from GBHEM
  3. Once the school is opened in March of 2015, as verified by on-site inspections, GBHEM will proceed to grant further funds to support theological education in the West Angola Conference.
  4. GBHEM will further update GCFA on the status or reporting by May 30, 2014.
The General Council on Finance and Administration coordinates and administers financial resources, safeguards the legal interests and rights of the Church, and provides administrative resources to enable the fulfillment of the mission of The United Methodist Church.