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Quadrennial Training - 2009

Equitable Compensation Finance & Administration Secretary

Agenda - Equitable (PDF)
Advanced Training (PDF)
Fundamentals (PDF)
Joint Session (PPT)
Luncheon Handouts (PDF)
Equitable Compensation (PDF)


Agenda - CFA (PDF)
Board Members Responsibilities (PDF)
Indicators of Conference Fiscal Strength (PDF)
Apportionments and Budgeting (PDF)
Economic Overview (PDF)
Agenda - Secretaries (PDF)
Overview of Responsibilities (PDF)
Responsibilities (PDF)
Selected Legislation (PDF)
Statistician Treasurer Trustee

Agenda - Statistician (PDF)
Manual (PDF)

Statistical Forms Comparisons

What has changed?

Comparisons of New Statistics Forms to the Previous Version (XLS)

Who uses this data?
A Guide to the Users of Local Church Statistics Gathered (PDF)

Agenda - Treasurers (PDF)
2007 Stats (PDF)
A New Apportionment Formula (PDF)
Apportionments for Fun and Profit (PDF)
How Calculated (PDF)
Simple Analysis (PDF)
Agenda - Trustees (PDF)
Powers and Duties of Annual Conference Trustees (PDF)
Practical Advice for Annual Conference Trustees (PDF)
Protecting Annual Conferences (PDF)
Plenary Resources GBOPHB Presentation

Gil Rendle - Presentations
How Change Happens (PDF)
Leadership Under Constraints (PDF)
The Changing Religious Landscape (PDF)
The Leadership Challenge (PDF)
GCFA Bibliography (PDF)

Janice A. Virtue - Presentation
Sharing God's Abundance - Virtue (PDF)

Stewardship Manual (PDF)

GBOPHB presentation (PDF)