We are pleased to announce the Spring 2018 Edition of the Local Church Resource Guide. The companies included in this guide have been vetted by GCFA. Their mission for this project is to support local church ministry. We hope you find this a helpful resource for your local church. Click Here for a downloadable copy of the Local Church Resource Guide. 

Imagine what your church could do with 30% more contributions! Let us help you turn those possibilities into reality with electronic giving. Our complete Give+ suite was designed for churches to offer all the giving options your members want – online, text, kiosk, and card readers. For 20 years, Vanco has been trusted by more than 3,000 United Methodist churches to grow giving. 

800-675-7430 | vancopayments.com/umc

The Home Depot Pro Xtra loyalty program offers United Methodist churches and affiliated organizations the opportunity to support the ministry of The United Methodist Church. As we move into 2018, we are thankful that the Home Depot and UMCOR have partnered to serve the communities of Puerto Rico and flood affected areas.

Through a collective purchasing and discount program, a percentage of sales will be used to provide funds to  ministry within the United Methodist denomination, and a portion will go to UMCOR. Benefits of the Pro Xtra Loyalty Program include:

- 20% off Paint, Stains, and Primers (Use the UMC Pro Loyalty Phone Number, 615-329-1177, at checkout)

- Bulk purchase pricing available

- Direct ship availability

Contact Home Depot Representative Mike Daniel to enroll in the Pro Xtra Loyalty Program or follow the steps here

Michael Daniel | 817-825-0279 | Michael_R_Daniel@homedepot.com

Thousands of United Methodist churches, and over 30,000 other ministries, are using Servant Keeper church software for tracking members, taking attendance, sending mailings and emails, creating print and online directories, scheduling volunteers, managing event registration and follow up, managing secure child check-in, creating e-statements, tracking donations and pledges, and much more! Discover why pastors, admins, finance teams, children’s ministry leaders, teachers and church members all love Servant Keeper for their ministries. Built for web, mobile, and desktop. 

Mention the GCFA resource guide and get 10% off your site license.

Servant Keeper Sales: 800-773-7570 | www.servantpc.com/GCFA

Educational Opportunities Tours is ready to assist your church with all its Christian travel needs. We have served over 400,000 travelers since 1974 and are the largest provider of Holy Land travel in North America. In addition, we can assist you with Bible land cruises, Church heritage tours, retreat cruises and more. Our Missions Department provides deeply discounted airfare to thousands of people serving around the world each year.

800-247-0017 |  www.eo.travel/umc 

At aware3, we help you communicate and engage with your church members. Since 9 out of 10 people can reach their mobile phone at all times, we figured we’d start there, too. A church mobile strategy makes member connection, communication, and generosity simple. At aware3 we offer customized mobile apps and texting solutions for churches. If you want to make connecting with your church as simple as sending, we are here to chat. We’re pleased to announce a special offer just for United Methodist churches: Our 4-in-1 Text Engagement Service for $39/mo.

sales@aware3.com |aware3.com/umc

The United Methodist Credit Union Association (UMCUA) is comprised of United Methodist credit unions throughout the United States working together in collaboration to provide our United Methodist community an alternative to traditional banking. Each credit union operates independently, providing banking and lending solutions to clergy, laity, and local churches throughout the United States.

To locate a United Methodist Credit Union serving your area, please visit www.umcua.org.

UMCGPO.org is a purchasing co-op created to leverage the purchasing power of United Methodist churches and affiliated organizations. By using UMCGPO.org churches obtain discounted, preferred pricing from vendors based on the collective buying power of the UMC.

Register now to become a member for FREE and search for discounted pricing from dozens of vendors.

Saving@consolidusgpo.com | www.umcgpo.org

Local churches oftentimes find that the needs of the community stretch their resources. In order to carry out the ministry of Jesus in their communities, several churches around the country have used their church properties to house cellular towers.  A cell site or cell tower houses electronic communications equipment along with an antenna to support cellular communication in a network. Whether it is within their steeples or using a back corner of the parking lot, these arrangements bring in much-needed revenue for the expansion of the Kingdom of God. Steeplecom works on your behalf directly with the wireless industry and can help churches navigate through the maze of telecommunications contracts. If your church is currently dealing with a wireless carrier or if you would like for your church to be considered as a potential location, please contact:

Tom Moylan | 978-386-2322

tmoylan@steeplecom.com | www.steeplecom.com

Stop duplicating and make your life easier in the church office with Church Windows Software. Enter people into Membership to report on their activities, information, and attendance. Then enter their donations (or import from online giving) that flow over to the general ledger in Accounting! Payroll handles the unique tax settings for ministers and lay employees. Payroll transactions post automatically over into Accounting to save time and eliminate potential errors. Church Windows is a powerful and flexible management software for churches of all sizes! 

For 25% off Desktop Discount, UMC churches use the Coupon Code GCFA2018.

To waive the Web $250 Initial Setup, UMC churches use the Coupon Code GCFA2018Web

800-533-5227 | sales@churchwindows.com |  www.churchwindows.com 

Your church facility can be built or expanded using the Vanguard Modular Building Systems approach. In support of your church’s ministry, we offer a variety of building construction and affordable financing options to provide your church with the best value. Lease, purchase, or finance a modular building, classroom or assembly area from our used inventory to save both money and time. Vanguard typically hires trades from your membership to provide economic benefit within the community. Contact one of our courteous representatives to learn more about how our new or used modular buildings, and custom building construction solutions, can provide your growing ministry with the space you need on a timely and affordable basis. 

877-438-8627 | info@vanguardmodular.com | www.VanguardModular.com  

eBridge has been trusted to provide secure web-based document management solutions since 2006 for more than 28 annual conferences. Our document management tools allow you to simply and quickly convert your paper files into secure electronic documents and access them anytime, anywhere. Keep sensitive files private with separate file cabinets for each area of ministry, finance, membership, administration, and many more areas within your church, district, annual conference, agency, or affiliated organization. 

Leslie Haywood | 813-387-3870 x308 | lhaywood@eBridge.com | www.ebridge.com

Church Paper Inc. is the paper source for all your printer, copier, or craft needs. From copy paper to premium card stock and everything in between, we have the paper you need with mill direct savings and selection. Our products include:

- Paper for bulletins and newsletters- All sizes

- Perforated paper for reply bulletins to enhance congregation response

- Low cost copy paper and cardstock

- Blank and imprinted envelopes

- Custom Services Available: cutting, scoring, and hole punching

- VBS decorating and preschool paper products

- Free shipping available

800-626-5222  |  churchpaper.com

Cost Stewardship is a resource that helps our local churches find refunds from government agencies and by correcting billing errors or rate issues with utility companies. Refunds and corrected or optimized utility charges can provide thousands of dollars with no investment or risk to your organization. Visit www.coststewardship.org/testimonials to see how sister UM churches have found new funds for ministries and outreach with minimal time invested.

Monte Chamberlin | 317-409-2984 | monte@coststewardship.org | https://coststewardship.org/

Staples Business Advantage® is known for its office supplies, but that’s only the beginning. We are a total operating solution for churches with a full set off of products and services in just about every business function. Take full advantage of our expertise in facilities (including free dispenser upgrades), coffee and break room items, technology products including TV’s and tablets, promotional products, custom print, plus furniture for every area of your church and school. Visit UMCGPO.ORG for more information and to register for a Staples Business Advantage account today! If you are already registered with Staples Business Advantage, please proceed to order through your Staples Business Advantage account. 

If you are new to Staples Business Advantage, please register to order through the UMCGPO.org.www. 

Jana Calvert | Jana.Calvert@Staples.com | UMCGPO.org

The UMC Development Center is a centralized fundraising office for the national and worldwide ministries of the UMC. We provide fundraising services for agencies of the Church, the Council of Bishops, racial and ethnic caucuses, conferences, conference foundations, and other affiliated ministries. If you know of a ministry in our Church that needs assistance with fundraising, please contact us. 

Rhodes Logan: 615-369-2382 |   RLogan@UMCDevelopmentCenter.org | wwww.umcdevelopmentcenter.org

United Methodist Insurance (UMI) is a non-profit, captive insurance company and subsidiary of the General Council on Finance and Administration of The United Methodist Church (GCFA). The ministry of United Methodist Insurance is to protect the people and property of The United Methodist Church. It accomplishes this ministry by assisting in a financially responsible way while providing access to comprehensive property and casualty insurance coverage. UMI focuses solely on the insurance needs of United Methodist churches so that United Methodist churches can focus on their other vital ministry needs. 

info@uminsure.org | www.uminsure.org




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