GCFA offers a backup and recovery solution for annual conferences. However, we know you have choices when it comes to IT services. We want to make you aware of the options and provide you the specifics on data security for your conference needs.

If you are considering an IT storage and backup recovery solution, you may want to answer the following first:

Q: What kinds of data do you want to backup?

A: GCFA can assist you with explaining the differences between incremental or full image backups.


Q: When, and how often do you want your data backed up?

A: GCFA backs up daily and monthly to ensure complete redundancy (a good thing with data storage). We recommend this for any provider selected.


Q: Who will have access to the backups?

A: Our policy at GCFA is that we run the backups, monitor the success of data stored, and serve as the contact for data recovery. As a matter of policy, we do not access the data. Each annual conference should limit the number of people who can access the data. It is important to know who at your provider has access to the data.


Q: How long will it take to receive backed-up data in an emergency situation?

A: GCFA has the ability to reproduce your data in less than 24 hours. Your provider of choice should be able to provide this to you in less than three (3) days.


Q: How and where will the provider store your data, and how many copies will it store?

A: GCFA stores data on-site and off-site at a secure location with servers located in several parts of the US. This ensures that the data can be recovered in emergency situations. Any provider should be able to deliver you with their disaster recovery site locations.


Q: How does the provider comply with the latest data-center security standards?

A: Your provider should be able to provide you a copy of their security plan.


Q: Does the provider work with data to de-duplicate the data, and compress it to minimize your costs?

A: GCFA can compress the data to save you money every month. Your conference is only charged for the data stored, not the data size before it is compressed. When evaluating cost and provider, this is an important consideration.


We are here to help you with your IT questions and needs. This can be through providing you options of providers or even an IT Assessment for your conference. We welcome your questions. To request a free, one-on-one consultation with our IT Infrastructure Manager, please contact GCFA Connectional Relations at (866) 367-4232 or


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