Churches and church organizations are not immune to cyber-security breaches. That is why it is more important than ever to develop ways to secure your network. Having a plan is a necessity to protect you, your employees, and the UMC connection.

The goal of our ministry of administration is to use our experience and knowledge to provide you with cutting edge, beneficial, competitively priced services. Our security bundle has many features that helps you focus on your core ministry.

  • Business continuity - effectively detecting and blocking targeted attacks
  • Nominal downtime - secure remote accessing
  • Confidentiality – Assures data is encrypted as it is transferred across the network
  • Pricing – Providing options for you
  • Security – Meets all security and compliance regulations, protecting the network infrastructure against attacks, viruses, and worms.
  • Unlimited storage – Provides full range of capacity and back up

Our IT Security Bundle features five cutting-edge IT solutions: 

Proofpoint – an email filtering and encryption system

End Point Management – a remote monitoring and patch system for software

Cisco Umbrella Services – a cloud delivered security system for defense against threats and malicious domains

Backup and Recovery – fast and efficient daily backup with less bandwidth and disk storage that traditional options

Managed Firewall Services –installing new firewalls to end management, ensuring network security and protection


We are here to help you with your IT security needs. We welcome your questions. To request a free, one-on-one consultation with our IT Infrastructure Manager, please contact GCFA Connectional Relations at (866) 367-4232 or


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