GCFA has partnered with the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry on the UMCARES program, the United Methodist Candidate and Record Entry System. GCFA’s in-house developers have built version 2.0, known as UMCARESplus. The UMCARESplus program incorporates the functionality of the Pathways to Ministry candidacy registration program while streamlining workflows and eliminating the need to enter the information in multiple places. Pathways to Ministry will be phased out in the future and UMCARESplus will be the solution supported by GCFA.

Although this may not seem like a tool designed specifically for treasurers, UMCARESplus is more than simply a candidacy tracking system. UMCARESplus provides a better way for conferences to keep track of what’s important in the conference using custom built tracks, forms, and file management while eliminating the need for dual information entry in multiple systems.

Specifically, key features include:

  • Creating your conference's custom tracking system
  • Creating custom forms and email templates
  • Sending files and data to both internal and external groups
  • Tracking the progress of candidates, projects, and programs

All of these functions are in one streamlined platform. We believe this program has several applications for annual conferences beyond candidate tracking.

To learn more about this and other services, please contact GCFA Connectional Relations at (866) 367-4232 or


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