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Technological Advances


Fast. Up-to-date.  Easily Accessible – is the Church’s Online Resource for Statistical Data

When the site says “Welcome to the United Methodist Data Access Page”, it really invites you to take a look at the contents. 

Launched last month, the website provides general statistical information previously provided in the hard-bound General Minutes of The United Methodist Church. With a publication lag time of nearly three years for the General Minutes, GCFA sought to create a more efficient and timely resource to provide the same information.  Statistical information available on includes appointment history on United Methodist clergy, local church membership and attendance data, and additional information on church leadership. Quick Facts and a Frequently Asked Questions section provide users with instant online access to key statistics of the Church.  All information previously available in the General Minutes is now available online.  

With the institution of online data submission and faster, more efficient vetting of information, provides the most recent data as submitted by local churches and annual conferences. At, you can create graphs of statistical data by conference, district and local church levels. Information on is available to local church, district, conference and general church leadership and researchers.

The 2014 statistics of the church are the latest data and are now available on the site. 

For more information, contact GCFA Shared Services at

etouches – the Software of Choice for the GCFA Travel and Meeting Planning Department

After a thorough review of 20+ online and paper based programs, and a vetting process for the final four programs in the past year, the Travel and Meeting Planning Department of GCFA has recently entered into an agreement with etouches – an online event planning and management platform and will begin using it in January, 2016.  The Travel and Meeting Planning Department has begun an intense and extensive training process for the software and will be able to offer the United Methodist Church even more complete event planning services.

etouches is a robust, easy-to-learn and easy-to-use online system that will assist the Travel and Meeting Planning Department to manage large and small meetings and to design quality web registration sites for many United Methodist events. With etouches, Travel and Meeting Planning staff can manage multiple meetings with ease. Staff members will be able to provide customized services to the United Methodist groups and organizations that use their cost effective meeting planning services. 

etouches provides:

  • Event project management
  • Budget overview
  • Attendee surveys
  • Online registration – customized to your specific event that can be created and managed by you
  • Event analytics
  • Customization for any sized event

This service to the United Methodist connection allows anyone using it to have full access to custom web-site development for events, full-service support from the GCFA Travel and Meeting Planning department; training and then access to the etouches core of products.

The cost effective, and readily customizable etouches online system provides an international platform for event registration and planning which means it can be used throughout the entire United Methodist connection. 

For more information on etouches or to use the services of the Travel and Meeting Planning Department, one of GCFA’s Shared Services, contact GCFA Shared Services at