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The Development Center


Who We Are

The United Methodist Church Development Center serves as a centralized fundraising office for national and worldwide ministries of the United Methodist Church. Chartered as a new division of GCFA in the fall of 2014, we are in partnership with agencies, racial/ethnic caucuses, and other affiliated organizations of our denomination to provide fundraising services that will allow some of our most critical ministries to make an even bigger impact. The UMC Development Center can provide a fundraising plan to fit the ministries and budget of virtually any national and worldwide ministry of our denomination. The following describes opportunities to invest in fundraising services through the UMC Development Center.

Fundraising Staff Positions

The UMC Development Center can provide fundraising staff positions on a full-time, part-time, or quarter-time basis and the support of the entire development staff would be included. This support includes the following:

  • Fundraising direction and support of the Chief Development Officer
  • Volunteer and staff training
  • Communications support with a website presence, social media, and brochures
  • Administrative support for the fundraising position
  • Database support to track your donors and demonstrate progress
  • Research capabilities to find the best prospects

UMCDC Fundraising consultant

The UMC Development Center can also serve as a fundraising consultant with existing fundraising staff and volunteers to sharpen the focus on the fundraising operation and improve results.  Our expertise in major gifts and planned giving will propel fund raising operations to the next level, providing critical funding for ministries.

We also provide individual services to fit your fundraising needs.

  • Volunteer and staff fundraising training
  • Communications support with a website presence for your ministries
  • Monthly E-Newsletter communicating the message of your ministry
  • Weekly postings on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn
  • Custom brochures and materials to promote your ministries
  • Administrative support for an existing fundraising position
  • Gift processing and sending of “Thank You” acknowledgements
  • A customized database to track your supporters
  • Research capabilities to connect to new supporters and prospects for donations

UMCDC services for annual conferences and conference foundations include planned giving and estate planning resources:

  • Wills guide: This helpful information may enable you to successfully plan your estate and avoid an accidental disinheritance.
  • Planned giving calculator: To show the income and tax benefits of various gifts. You may view a unitrust, annuity trust, gift annuity, deferred gift annuity, sale and unitrust or gift and sale.
  • Planned giving staff to serve local churches.
  • Stewardship Resources: Planned giving can provide a future gift to ministries through your financial and estate plans including your Will document. The Church welcomes gifts made through different planned giving arrangements. These arrangements can:
    • Provide for you or your loved ones
    • Entitle you to charitable income and/or gift or estate tax deductions
    • Enable you to leave a legacy for the Church


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Chief Development Officer

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Development Assistant & Research Coordinator

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