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The Season of Giving


UMCMarket Provides Support for United Methodist Ministries


The focus of the Advent season is to celebrate the great love God has for His people by sending the greatest gift.  As we approach the end of the Advent season, we all are reminded that this is first and foremost. 

But when you choose to give gifts to your family, friends and loved ones, there is the opportunity to support your local church and other United Methodist ministries.  With, those who shop online can select from several thousand vetted retailers who offer a percentage-of-the-purchase-donation to a local church or other UM ministry.  Each purchase generates a donation to the ministry.  When several people select that ministry, the donation grows. 

We recently heard from a student ministry on how they use UMCmarket donations as part of the faith journey and outreach. Rev. Tyson Ferguson at the Wesley Foundation of Middle Tennessee State University in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, recently shared the story of how the MTSU community uses  He said: “The UMCmarket is a great way for the MTSU Wesley Foundation to raise funds.  With the dollars from UMCmarket we are able to purchase Fairly Traded Coffee through Equal Exchange and provide free coffee and tea to students daily at the MTSU Wesley Foundation. Having drinks and snacks is one way we are able to be a ministry of hospitality to the students, build relationships, and share about their faith journey in a meaningful way.

“Thank you for providing this opportunity for alumni, friends, and others to contribute to the ministry of the MTSU Wesley Foundation by being good stewards.  Extension ministries, like Wesley Foundations, have to raise funds and programs like the UMCmarket are helpful in keeping mission outreach possible."

We hope you will explore this innovative way to generate funds for ministry and share it with the churches in your area.  If you have a ministry story of your own or any questions about the program, please contact: GCFA Shared Services at