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#UMC Budget


The United Methodist Church budget supports the seven general Church apportioned funds.  Your generous gift allows ministry to happen throughout the connection. 

The United Methodist connection is committed to being in ministry globally.  Because of that, the seven apportioned general Church funds help us live out our call to mission and ministry.  As the graph above shows, when you give, just 2 cents of every dollar goes to support the ways in which we make disciples globally. Thank you for your witness and thank you for your support of The United Methodist Church.  

This work goes hand-in-hand with the ministries of local churches, districts and annual and central conferences.  

The general Church budget is set each four years for global mission and ministry. For more information, check out the links below: 

What is #UMCBudget

This hashtag is specifically designed for conversations about the UMC quadrennial budget to be presented to the General Conference in May.

UMC Budget FAQ

The following questions were asked during pre-General Conference meetings with delegates. You may find the answer to your question here. You are invited to join us for a live Tweet... Read More

UMC Budget: Apportioned Funds

The general Church apportioned funds support various ministries and programs of the connectional United Methodist church. Read More

UMC Budget Resources

Compares the general Church budget for three quadrennia and the percent change from one to the following quadrennum. Read More

UMC Budget:  Join the Conversation

Learn how to take part in a live tweet session about the 2017-2020 quadrennial UMC budget. Read More