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Veterans Supported Through Strength for Service Program


Nashville, TN – The General Council on Finance and Administration (GCFA) Sponsorship Department, working in collaboration with the General Commission of United Methodist Men, honors men and women on Veterans Day who have served the country.  It is part of our belief as United Methodists to honor those who serve their country as it is outlined in our Book of Resolutions, Resolution 5061.

In addition, the Sponsorship Department worked with Mike Daniel, Pro Account Representative, for The Home Depot to develop The Home Depot Pro Xtra Loyalty Program for United Methodists.  The program works with United Methodist Men to generate donations to the Strength for Service partnership to provide funds that will purchase more “God and Countrybooklets each year.  By using this program, Home Depot customers can create micro-donations to the Strength for Service program.  The daily devotional is provided to chaplains to distribute to active duty and veteran members of the armed forces and is distributed globally

Moses Kumar, General Secretary of GCFA said “The dedication exhibited each day to protect values important to the nation by the men and women in uniform are important to us. It is with honor that we work together to provide these resources for the spiritual development of each individual. The GCFA Sponsorship Department is grateful to The Home Depot and the United Methodist Men for their efforts.”