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Web-Based Statistical Collection System

The General Council on Finance and Administration has completed its Web-based statistical collection system and is ready to preview this time-saving system with annual conferences. This system, hosted by GCFA, will permit churches to post their Table I, Table II and Table III information directly online while leaving control and management of the data in the hands of the annual conference.

The system includes a full compliment of maintenance programs to allow the conference to tailor the data entry systems so as to define the individual questions, descriptions, directions and verifications of the table entry screens as well as church and pastor data, A selection of summary reports is available in addition to an easy to use export procedure so that all data collected can be transferred from the conference network.

To preview the system, GCFA can populate the annual conference's database. Annual conferences are then able to preview the system viewing their own data. Populating the database in this manner can be helpful while other annual conferences may prefer to populate the system themselves.

Web-based demonstration sessions are available for annual conferences to review the application, see how the system works, and ask questions. After the demonstration session, GCFA can set up an ID and password for interested annual conferences so that they can interact hands-on with the application.

An annual conference interested in previewing this system should contact us to request more information or to schedule a preview session.