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Who can use the Cross and Flame?


The phrase "Official United Methodist agency" has been defined by the Judicial Council of The United Methodist Church in Decision 828 as any organization defined as an agency under ¶¶701.1 and 701.2 of The 2008 Book of Discipline.  United Methodist Local churches, districts, conferences, and general agencies, may use the Cross and Flame without authorization from GCFA, except where it is for a commercial purpose.

Organizations (official and unofficial) intending to use the Cross and Flame for a commercial purpose, must seek and obtain permission from GCFA.

Other Questions
If you have any questions, concerns, or difficulty, in determining the official status of your organization, please feel free to contact: GCFA - Legal Department, 1 Music Circle North, Nashville, TN 37203Phone 615-369-2334, e-mailThe Legal Department fax number is 866-246-2516.