Why Choose GCFA?

Community and Ministry. The General Council on Finance and Administration endeavors to provide top-level service to our employees and those we serve, creating a sense of community amongst our employees as we provide valuable servant-based ministry. Whether it is an IT professional manning a help desk, or GCFA sending its marketing employee for Google Analytics training, we are committed to providing an environment to help our employees thrive. GCFA actively fosters a sense of fun in the workplace, whether it is Popcorn Thursdays, July 4th trivia contests, or our holiday parties.


GCFA is committed to a culture of professionalism paired with work/life balance. Happy, healthy employees are productive employees – including mental, physical and spiritual health. GCFA has corporate values that matter:
• Christian Service
• Collaboration
• Commitment                                                             
• Excellence
• Humility
• Inclusiveness
• Innovation
• Integrity
• Relevance
• Respect
• Teamwork
• Transparency

Testimonials From Employees

- “Since coming to work at GCFA six months ago, I have come to appreciate the level of professionalism from the staff and the true desire to help all those we serve. “ – Brandy Bivens, Strategic Marketing Manager

- “What I enjoy about my position at GCFA is seeing the global nature of the church. What we do is a ministry - connecting people, and helping ministries not only survive, but thrive!" - Caitlin Congdon, Chief Human Resources Officer