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HR Assessments for Your Ministry

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Have a hunch that your ministry could have improved performance? Start with an HR Assessment!

Let our experienced HR professionals assess the current culture within your office and determine if barriers are preventing employees from fulfilling their potential. ​



  • UMC Support completes an in-depth analysis, complete with questionnaires and interviews. 

  • We provide a detailed report with tangible recommendations for addressing  findings and successfully implementing any necessary changes.

  • We also offer best practices related to compliance and record keeping. 

The following will be identified: 

organization goals.png

Organizational Goals

organization resouces.png

Organizational Resources 

organization climate.png

Organizational Climate 

Environmental Constraint.png

Environmental Constraints 

Let’s Start Working Together!

Read What Others Have To Say

Rewarding and Engaging

We utilized significant services from the Human Resources department of the General Council on Finance and Administration (GCFA) to conduct an organizational assessment … We experienced the blessings of our connectional church in a most rewarding way in and through the engagement and guidance of the outstanding and professional staff of GCFA.

Bishop Jeremiah Park


HR Assessment
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