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Legal Services at GCFA

The Legal Services Department at GCFA has several disciplinary responsibilities:

  • Safeguard and protect the interests and rights of the denomination

  • Maintaining a file of legal briefs related to cases involving the denominational interests of The United Methodist Church

  • Recommending uniform procedures for clergy housing allowances and preserving the tax-exempt status of the UMC's constituent organizations

  • Supervise the use of the official United Methodist insignia, the Cross & Flame, and to supervise the use and maintain registrations of the name “United Methodist”

Have Legal Questions?

Does Your Ministry Have the Correct Copyright?

Your ministry may be at risk of legal and financial penalties if you don’t have the proper copyright licenses. The experienced staff at UMC Support can help protect your ministry from committing copyright infringement through our Copyright License Consultation

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Photo by Jan Snider, United Methodist Communications

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