Changes in Federal Employment Law Addressed by GCFA

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Friday, July 1, 2016

Nashville, TN –  In May of this year, the U. S. Department of Labor announced its final changes to the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) regulations. The regulation defines rules to be followed in categorizing certain employees as exempt or non-exempt thereby impacting applicability of overtime payment requirements.  The regulations, which go into effect December 1, 2016, may impact organizations throughout The United Methodist Church connection.

The General Council on Finance and Administration (GCFA), continuing its mission to serve the Church through the ministry of administration, will hold webinars for leadership of general Church agencies and annual conferences beginning in mid-July.  The webinar series is designed for general agency and annual conference staff and other leaders of the Church. It is part of the “GCFA-on-Demand” training that provides information on a variety of topics related to the ministry of administration. The mid-July webinar will be recorded and made accessible later this month.  GCFA is pleased to announce that it has obtained rights for UMC organizations’ use of special software that will help entities ensure they are meeting the requirements of the new regulations.  GCFA will be ready to assist local churches as well during this process.

Moses Kumar, General Secretary and Treasurer at GCFA said, “GCFA continually seeks ways to enhance the ministries of the entire connection. This service is one way that we can keep churches and other UMC entities informed of important changes in employment law potentially impacting them.  We feel the information shared and software we have obtained will make the job of applying the regulations easier, thereby allowing more resources for the important ministries of the Church.” 

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