UMCUA is Your Financial Partner Working to Serve UMC Ministries

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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

United Methodist credit unions provide banking and lending solutions to clergy, laity and local churches in the United Methodist connection. With branches across the country, members of the United Methodist Credit Union Association operate independently.

The United Methodist Church Credit Union Association (UMCUA) was founded in October of 2002 by United Methodist credit unions throughout the United States. The fields of membership include agencies, clergy, church members, colleges, health care employees and/or staff of The United Methodist Church.

Each of our United Methodist Credit Unions have similar fields of membership, and share common goals. Credit Unions work together in a collaborative effort to share ideas and suggestions regarding marketing, policies, regulations, etc.  Some UMCUA Credit Unions may be state chartered, federally chartered and/or community chartered. All are providing a valuable service to its members.

For more information or to find a United Methodist credit union near you, click here.

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