GCFA Fall Meeting Affirms Ministry of Administration in Several Areas

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Friday, November 17, 2017

Nashville, TN – The Board of Directors of the General Council on Finance and Administration held its last meeting of 2017 on November 15-17 in Nashville, Tennessee.

The Board reviewed a detailed report from the Committee on Personnel, Policies and Practice – whose members are Board representatives of general Church agencies – that outlined their work of the past 18-months.  The report was a study of salary levels and compensation for the employment market and for staff of general Church agencies receiving apportioned funds. The Board approved the work of the Committee to establish a new salary structure, classification and compensation guidelines, and an implementation schedule. Valarie Willis, the chairperson of the Committee said, “We recalibrated the salary scales to be good stewards of apportionment dollars.” The Board determined to make the implementation schedule five years (until 2022) in order to allow all general agencies the flexibility for the transition and within their existing budget constraints.  

Bishop Michael McKee, President of the Board, said “This was a very productive meeting of the GCFA board. Spending an extra day as a full Board helped us treat some important issues in depth, which was very beneficial.” 

The Coordinating Committee conducted its annual performance review of General Secretary Moses Kumar and affirmed his leadership and ministry to the denomination in his role.   

Included in the many other items the Board reviewed and acted upon were these topics related to its ministry of administration: 

  1. The Board approved all of the general agency spending plans for 2018. The Board affirmed the good stewardship of the leadership of each of the general Church agencies receiving apportioned funds.
  2. It also approved the budget guidelines that will affect the development of the 2021-2024 general Church budget. 

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