Apportionment Sustainability Task Force Meets

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Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Task Force Meets to Address Matters of Apportionment Sustainability

Nashville, TN – Members of the general Church Apportionment Sustainability Task Force met at the General Council on Finance and Administration (GCFA) ministry center in Nashville, Tennessee, August 30-31. 

The team, comprised of one bishop, one clergy and one layperson from each of the five United States jurisdictions, continued its consideration of the structure and impact of general Church apportionments. It was recognized that the group’s focus was not as much on a discussion of “sustainability” but the Task Force’s ability to help the Church reevaluate its mission for regenerative leadership and disciple making as it relates to general Church apportionments. During this meeting, the Task Force further refined its missional priorities with recommendations that will include:

  1. Creating budgets that align with missional priorities at all levels of the United Methodist connection.
  2. Creating a sense of urgency around the issue of apportionment sustainability.
  3. Making a recommendation to reduce the base percentage in order to lessen apportionments received at both the general Church and annual conference level.
  4. Refocusing attention from institutional viability to a missional context which will allow apportionments to become supportive rather than constraining to ministry.

Bishop Michael McKee, episcopal leader of the North Texas Annual Conference and Chair of the Task Force said, “I appreciate the serious dialogue and thoughtful participation by the members of the Task Force. This group’s discussions will support the work of all involved in the budgeting process. The opinions expressed are very representative of our Church. Our work will continue in prayerful discernment of how general Church apportionments can help The United Methodist Church connection as we continue to make disciples of Jesus Christ at all times.”   

The Task Force intends to meet with other entities impacted by general Church budget issues for the next quadrennium, including representatives of general Church agencies and leadership from GCFA and the Connectional Table.

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