United Methodist Insurance and AmVenture Partnership Announced

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Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Nashville, TN –United Methodist Insurance (UMI) has entered into an agreement with AmVenture, a subsidiary of AmTrust Financial Services, Inc., to provide property and casualty insurance to United Methodist churches and affiliated properties. AmVenture, headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, is an A.M. Best “A-” (excellent) rated insurance company and has been in business since 1998.  It offers full property and casualty insurance coverage and is an innovative, technology driven organization dedicated to serving its customers efficiently and with ease by providing online access to its services. The UMI Board continually seeks ways to improve the insurance product offered to the United Methodist connection. The agreement with AmVenture will provide a better customer experience for insured properties, online access to claims and resources, and the expertise of a multi-national organization. 

The arrangement with AmVenture will implement the necessary continuity of service to local churches that are currently insured with UMI; enable an enhanced customer service experience that begins with enrollment and continues through filing a claim; and create the capacity for expanded coverage areas in the United States that UMI was previously unable to cover. As a leader in property and casualty insurance, AmTrust will be able to make available a wider array of insurance products. 

“I am happy about the new partnership with AmVenture because it removes some limitations to the growth of United Methodist Insurance.  AmVenture has the capacity to accept risk in some areas that UMI has not been able to offer and we feel churches and other properties of The United Methodist Church will benefit.  AmVenture also has a robust infrastructure that is more responsive to the needs of those it insures”, said Mike Plesko, President of United Methodist Insurance.

The program becomes effective for current insured properties to begin the renewal process in January 1, 2019. United Methodist churches and properties not currently covered by UMI could inquire about coverage beginning August 15, 2018 by contacting AmTrust at 866-203-0777.

"United Methodist churches will benefit from the experience of our agents and AmTrust Financial’s successful history working with non-profits," said Sam Liotta, President of AmVenture. "We’re looking forward to working with United Methodist churches across the country to provide them with high quality insurance products."

For additional questions, contact Sid Gray, VP and Treasurer, United Methodist Insurance, 615-369-2345, or sgray@uminsure.org.



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