GCFA Summer Board Meeting

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Friday, August 17, 2018

Nashville, TN – The Board of Directors of the General Council on Finance and Administration held its third quarter meeting in Nashville August 15-17.

The Board approved the budget for 2019 jurisdictional and central conference episcopal compensation, housing and office support. The Board approved a 2% increase in salary, and no increase in the housing allowance or office support for 2019. The Board received a report that the Commission on the Way Forward is managing costs very well and is currently under budget.

In addition, the Board approved an 18% reduction from the 2017-2020 base percentage of 3.29%.  The resulting base percentage is 2.70%.  The base percentage is a component of the calculation used to develop the general Church apportionments and is applied to the denominational local church net expenditures.  The current estimated denominational local church net expenditures are about $4.6 billion annually – so that using the new base percentage against this estimated local church net expenditure number would result in a reduction of general Church apportionments of about $105 million.  This will be reviewed again and finalized in March 2019.

The Board also determined to eliminate the i-factor adjustment previously used in setting annual conference general Church apportionments.  This elimination will occur in 2021.

The Board approved privacy policies related to data collected by GCFA and continues GCFA’s efforts on this area which are in line with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). 

The Board heard a report on benefits plans provided to employees of the General Agencies of The United Methodist Church (GAUMC). As a result of the record high percentage of employees participating (88%) in the Wellness Programs, there is no increase in the general agency medical plan. This record high percentage of participation is greater than many similar programs for employee groups and as a result is positively impacting the program. The new “Quit for Life” program, designed to decrease the number of smokers, is also being instituted. 

The next meeting of the Board will be in November, 2018 in Nashville.

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