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Friday, March 30, 2018

February 28, 2018 - Last month, the General Council on Finance and Administration announced that United Methodist churches and affiliated organizations can now be listed on Guidestar®. Once a church organization visits to get its 501(c)(3) letter and clicks the box to be included, the organization is verified with Guidestar®  What does that mean?  GCFA has received many calls from local churches and organizations wanting to be listed so that their potential ministry supporters can find them and make donations to the church. Now that they can be listed with Guidestar®, churches and organizations have visibility on sites like AmazonSmile, Network for Good, and Google for Nonprofits -- just to name a few. Choosing to be listed on Guidestar®creates a profile with the organization so churches are easily searched for and selected by donors. 

Download step-by-step instructions here


Nashville, TN – The Legal Services Department of the General Council on Finance and Administration (GCFA) is announcing that in response to the many calls they receive about having United Methodist churches recognized on national donor platforms, local churches and United Methodist organizations covered under the United Methodist group ruling can now be listed on Guidestar® through the website. Steve Lambert, General Counsel of GCFA, said “this move responds to requests from local churches to be listed as a charitable organization on a platform recognized by donors as reliable.  We are happy to provide this solution to what has been a continuing issue for UMC organizations.” 

Guidestar® is the respected database of information about nonprofits. Once listed on Guidestar®, United Methodist churches and organizations will have a way to demonstrate their 501(c)(3) status electronically, which will also be available to Guidestar® partners. Some Guidestar® partners include Amazon Smile, Network for Good, Facebook, and Google for Nonprofits. 

“Our United Methodist partners are taking a critical step to help increase the visibility of their individual churches,” said Adrian Bordone, VP of Strategic Partnerships for GuideStar. “We are thrilled to work with them to streamline the process which allows churches to get listed on GuideStar® more easily.  This will help increase access to donors who use our database as well as our more than 200 partners.”

The process has been made very easy.  Churches and other organizations wishing to be listed on Guidestar® can simply request another group letter on the website and checking the box indicating a desire to be listed.

How to be included in Guidestar®

  1. Visit
  2. Enter your organization’s EIN and select the organization type.
  3. Search for your organization by name, city and state, and/or GCNO.
  4. Choose the Select button beside the name of your church.
  5. Carefully read the Application Overview and complete the form.
  6. At the bottom of the form, there is an option to have your organization listed on GuideStar. Choose yes.
  7. Complete the information in the additional text boxes that appear.
  8. Submit the form.


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