GCFA Hosts Spring Board Meeting

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Friday, April 5, 2019

Nashville, TN – The Board of Directors of the General Council on Finance and Administration (GCFA) held its spring meeting in Nashville, TN April 4-5. 

Prior to this meeting, the Board received information from the Economic Advisory Committee (EAC) related to local church net expenditures which will affect the Board’s decision on the proposed general Church budget. The projected local church net expenditures for the quadrennium are one percent less than previously provided by the EAC last May. The impact of this reduction is a $4.9 million reduction in the projected apportionment for the next quadrennium. The GCFA Board has the responsibility for setting the base rate for the proposed quadrennial budget presented to the General Conference.

On April 4, the GCFA Board met together with the Connectional Table (CT), whose Disciplinary responsibility it is to allocate the amounts available to the general Church entities receiving support from five general Church apportioned funds: The World Service Fund, the Africa University Fund, the Black College Fund, the Ministerial Education Fund, and the Interdenominational Cooperation Fund (except for certain fixed charges.) The Book of Discipline requires agreement on the allocations, and that agreement occurred in the joint meeting of the two organizations as they affirmed the allocations by CT.

“The conversations on the general Church budget are handled with great care by the members of CT and GCFA,” said Bishop Michael McKee, President of the GCFA Board. “At this point in the quadrennium, we are not only receiving input about and the effect of budget reductions to the entities receiving funds, but we are also being prayerful about how we continue our work to make disciples at all levels of the church with the funds available to do so. All voices are being heard and all bodies will have had a voice prior to the final presentation of the budget to the 2020 General Conference.”

In other action, the board approved a request from the Judicial Council for a grant from the General Administration Contingency Fund to assist in operations funding. The approved amount was $120,000.

The next meeting of the GCFA board is in July in Dallas.

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