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Friday, August 4, 2017

GCFA is honored to help United Methodists further their missions. A tool has been developed that would quickly and easily help churches save money on the supplies and services that they were already using—effectively reducing administrative expenses. These expenses are high for United Methodist churches and affiliated organizations purchasing independently. There is now a product that helps. It is the United Methodist Church Group Purchasing Organization -
As we approach the school year, one of the members of the group purchasing organization is Staples®. For example, using Staples®, church "backpack" ministries can get the supplies at reduced costs to support this community ministry.

The portal gives United Methodist churches and affiliates exclusive access to roughly 50 vendors via pre-negotiated contracts and discounts that would not be available to a UMC church on its own.
So far, members have seen an average savings of nearly 33% compared to what they were spending on supplies and services before when using one of the preferred vendors in the UMCGPO. The portal offers spend/savings reporting, contract management, creates designated contacts for each vendor, displays association news and events, and is constantly adding new vendors based on UMC member’s feedback.
And the best part? The more UMC members that register and start buying from the UMCGPO preferred vendors, the more buying power is created, which will effectively decrease pricing for everyone.
The service is free to United Methodist churches and affiliate organizations and is 100% voluntary, and will only get better with time and participation. Check below for the list of current vendors.  
So ask yourself, "What can we gain?" You can request a free savings summary from each vendor before you purchase to assure you are getting the best pricing.  Using lets you put your valued donations to work for ministry and not administrative expenses!

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