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Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Summer is here, and with it comes Annual Conferences and large church events, like VBS. The experts with GCFA’s Travel and Meeting Planning Team have put together a handy post-event checklist for you as you reflect on the successes, and perhaps the challenges, of your most recent event.


Did the program stay within budget?

Review and audit the event expenses.

What changes can we make to lower expenses next year?

What expenses were not planned for this year that need to be added to next year’s budget?


Registration website

What changes need to be made to the registration website?

Is there any additional information that we should collect that would have been helpful?



How many rooms do we need to increase/decrease for next year?

What changes to the meeting space and production will make the event run more smoothly?

What changes to the contract do we need to make that would have been better for the event?

Was the location of exhibit space convenient to the meeting space?

What changes to meals (guarantees, dietary needs, times and quantity) do we need to make?


Post Event Meeting

What are the results of the attendee post-event survey?

What worked well?

What needs improvements?

What challenges do we need to overcome before next year?

How can we improve on-site registration next year to be more efficient?

Were attendee problems and complaints handled properly or what can be done better?

What have we learned that we need to improve on next year to have a more successful event?

What have we learned that we do not need to repeat next year to have a more successful event?

Do we need to add different staff/volunteer positions to make our meeting more successful next

Are there additional vendors we should hire next year to have a more successful event?


CLICK HERE for a downloadable version of this checklist

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