Shop Online and Generate a Donation to Your Local Church

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Monday, November 26, 2018

Did you know that your online shopping can help your home church earn a donation for its ministry? It’s simple!

  1. Go to the UMC Shop2Donate website and click "sign up."  You will register, and pick your home church as your ministry.
  2. When you are ready to shop, start with our the UMC Shop2Donate mall and select from more than 1,500 top stores.  

That’s It!
Need a little reminder to use the UMC Shop2Donate website?  Just follow the instructions after sign up to download the UMC Shop2Donate browser extension.  This handy-dandy browser extension will provide reminders and help identify participating brands before you start to shop!
Be on the lookout for exclusive offers, promotions and additional savings for being a part of our UMC Shop2Donate program. Saving money while supporting your home church has never been so easy.  This works year round including the upcoming Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping days, so get signed up today and help your church spread blessings and the word of our Lord and Savior through our ministry.

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