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Thursday, October 3, 2019

As many churches and individuals throughout the Connection know, the GCFA Connectional Relations team helps churches solve problems, find solutions, and sustain their ministries. Often times, this means providing services to local churches – usually at a much lower cost than secular vendors. GCFA products and services help save money and divert more money to mission and ministry.

Recently, GCFA hired two new staffers to complete our Connectional Relations team. Relationship Director Kellie Schmeal and Connectional Relations Manager Jacqueline Givens will help build relationships with United Methodist churches, agencies, annual conferences, and affiliated organizations to provide connections and resources regarding GCFA’s offerings and resources.

Kellie, as Relationship Director, oversees our Connectional Relations partnerships with United Methodist churches, agencies, annual conferences, and affiliated organizations. She oversees our Ministry Partner and Shared Services programs.

In her role as Connectional Relations Manager, Jacqueline Givens will help increase the number of Ministry Partners by identifying growth opportunities and reaching out to new prospects. She also will serve as the primary point of contact for all shared services clients within the United States. These new additions join Ndzulo Tueche, Connectional Relations Manager for the Central Conferences, in developing global relationships and ministry partnerships.

The entire team is focused on serving the UMC by creating valuable relationships. CLICK HERE for more information about the work of Connectional Relations. Or contact the Connectional Relations team now to learn more about GCFA and our work in the United Methodist connection. 



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