Five Benefits of the Worry-Free IT Bundle from UMC Support

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Thursday, October 1, 2020

The world in which we live has become increasingly digital. Our migration to virtual worship communities has blessed us with expanded evangelism opportunities and a myriad of new challengesThis forced migration has also caused a steep virtual learning curve for many churches. UMC Support cahelp relieve some of the anxiety surrounding virtual ministry with our Worry-Free IT Bundle. Our Information Technology (IT) Services team can help protect your computers, data, and sanity so you can focus on your ministry and congregation. 

Workstation Support 
Software updates just download and install themselves, right? Not necessarily. Application updates are commonly patches or “fixes” for software that are expected to function properly. Or, these updates commonly provide security to emerging threats. Both cases could cripple the functionality of your ministry. Our team securely monitors your organizations workstations to ensure that they receive all security patches and other software updates through our Worry-Free IT Bundle.  

Anti-Virus Protection 
We have all fallen victim to the chain email that sparks chaos on your computer. Don’t let a mistake cripple your systemUMC Support has partnered with an industry-leading Anti-Virus company to provide extra protection for your workstations. With our remote access capabilities and anti-virus software installation, your ministry is better protected against viruses and malware. Even when a virus or malware attacks your computer, we can help your ministry recover from an attack.  

Search Securely 
With the growth in virtual activity, emphasis on digital security has grown. Even when simply searching for new ministry resources and images for worship, your workstation could become compromised by downloading a file or clicking a link. We are proactive in protecting your workstations and information. With Cisco Umbrella, we check web activity and identify potentially malicious websites to intercept potential threat. We encourage you to use safe link clicking and searching practices and work in the background to increase your system security.  

Data Backups 
Data loss can be frustrating and potentially costly to any ministry. Backing up your data can be time consuming and potentially costly to manage on your own UMC Support’s Worry-Free IT Bundle - which includes data backups - is your fail safe to a malicious attack on your system. Data backups also help your team recover from potential hardware malfunctions and failures. The data on your workstations is critical and we provide an easy-to-use backup solution that you can depend on when you need it. 

Trusted Service 
Having tech support is important to maintaining a virtual workflow for your ministry. Our advanced knowledge of The United Methodist Church and experienced technicians help us work quickly and effectively to protect, maintain, and restore your workstations. We use our tools to troubleshoot problems with limited effort from the user. Our goal is to get you back to the business of creating disciples for the transformation of the world. 

Remove the worry of six-hour confusing tech conversations and let us help your ministry focus on … ministry, not IT. Our Connectional Relations team can provide more information and help you begin the process to become Worry-Free IT with UMC Support. Contact us at, (866) 367-4232, or schedule a meeting today! 

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