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Tuesday, May 4, 2021

The United Methodist Church is connectional. Through our apportionment system, our Church pools our dollars and connects local churches around the world to create bigger and lasting impacts. Together, through our connectional congregations and apportionment system, we accomplish what no single church, district, or annual conference could ever hope to do alone. 

In 2021, UMC Support will be detailing each of the 7 apportioned funds, so members of The United Methodist Church like you have a deep understanding of the funds and their purpose. So far this year we have highlighted the Africa University, Black College, Episcopal and General Administration funds.  


The next featured fund is the Interdenominational Cooperation Fund (ICF).  Since 1952 (1952 Book of Discipline ¶ 778) helps our connectional United Methodist church have a global through organizations like the National and World Council of Churches. Partnering with other Christian sisters and brothers includes reconciling with our other Methodist bodies to demonstrate the loving power of Christ’s Church. Your local church's general Church apportionments and supplemental gifts enable The United Methodist Church to share the love of Christ beyond our Methodist communities. 


Your gifts affect change in your community and around the world. For more information and resources to share about the Interdenominational Cooperation Fund and its work visit 

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