Digital discipleship and community engagement that includes custom mobile apps, fully integrated websites, online and in-app giving, live streaming, and media hosting and streaming with special pricing and discounts to equip every church.

  • Digital Giving
  • Mobile and TV Apps
  • Media: Live Streaming and On-Demand Hosting
  • Websites
  • Events, Child Check-In, People, Groups
  • In-App Group Messaging, Push Notifications, Web Embeds
  • And more!

Since creating the very first church app, Subsplash has been dedicated to furthering the mission of the local church. And as hybrid ministries continue to be more commonplace, churches are looking for an all-in-one engagement package that better connects your digital and physical ministries. Introducing, Subsplash One. Subsplash One is a powerful all-in-one digital solution that helps you know your people, grow disciples & engage visitors within your community. Instead of trying to connect and manage multiple systems, logins and platforms, churches can now combine their digital giving, websites, mobile apps, live streaming, on-demand media and group messaging into one platform while managing their people and groups and, in the near future, volunteer management, child check-in, service planning and more - all under one login and consolidated price! 

Along with Subsplash One, Subsplash is also excited to announce the launch of our official partnership with The Chosen! This is the first and largest crowd-funded, multi-season television series about the life of Jesus and His early followers. With hundreds of millions of views worldwide, The Chosen is helping to making the story of Christ incredibly accessible to all who engage. This partnership with The Chosen provides churches with powerful discipleship resources designed to have a real impact on people’s lives, and it’s exclusively available to churches using The Subsplash Platform—at no additional cost! New and existing Subsplash clients can add The Chosen Season 1 to their mobile apps and tablet apps for free! The Chosen videos will be hosted alongside your other media content, helping more people engage with your church’s resources. Your church will also receive The Chosen discussion questions for each episode! These powerful discipleship resources will help your small groups start meaningful conversations as they dive deeper into the Gospels.

For more information about Subsplash or their platform, please click the following link: UMC + Subsplash Interest Form