Cost Effective Construction Coordinated for United Methodist Churches

It is exciting when your church needs more space because that means your ministry is successfully growing. Deciding on the best option for building expansion can be a daunting challenge. That is where Vanguard Modular can help.

Vanguard Modular Building Systems is ready to simplify and speed up the building construction process for churches with any size modular classrooms, offices, cafeterias, restrooms, assembly buildings, and more.

  • Choose from a range of affordable long-term and temporary modular building solutions
  • New and used buildings are available
  • Select from flexible lease, sale, and financing options, so you can pay the way that works best for your church finances
  • Benefit from optional turnkey services to reduce the hassle and pressure of building construction on church leadership

What is a modular building? It is a methodology of construction through which a building is assembled in sections at a factory using customary building materials, delivered to your church property, and fitted together to form a complete building. During building assembly, site work and foundation installation are performed at your church. Instead of everything being done consecutively, like conventional construction, a large portion of the project is able to be performed concurrently. Using the innovative modular construction process, Vanguard Modular can get your members in new building space up to fifty-percent faster than with conventional construction.

Vanguard Modular's team of experts works with the goal of providing not just a building for your church, but a complete space solution. Click here to learn more about Vanguard Modular.