Ministry ReBranding/Branding

Your ministry’s first impression will be a lasting one with your audience. Make sure your ministry communicates a relevant, authenticand creative message through proper branding. UMC Support’s Communications and Marketing Team can help your ministry develop a unique brand true to your ministry’s purpose.  

Our award-winning team’s mission is to use our experience, creative resources, and technical skills to create the brand your ministry deservesOur rebranding services include 

  • Thorough Brand Assessment  
  • Professional Graphic Design 
  • Authentic and Creative Brand Development   
  • Clear Branding Standards 
  • Comprehensive Ministry Branding Guide 

Engage your audience with your mission and purpose from the first contact with professional and UMC-tailored branding. To request a free consultation with our Communications Team, contact Connectional Relations at (866) 367-4232 or