Financial Services for General Boards and Agencies

Financial Services at GCFA provides many solutions to the needs of the General Boards and Agencies regarding accounting and financial matters. Taking on these tasks frees up Board and Agency time and effort to carry out their vision and mission, as well as making efficient and quicker processes for these details that need to be accounted for accurately. If you have any interest, please contact our Connectional Relations team at or toll-free: 1-866-367-4232. 


Here is a list of financial services available to the General Boards and Agencies of the UMC.

  • Payroll – Comprehensive Payroll Processing Services
  • Accounts Payable Processing – Processing Vendor Invoices and Check Requests
  • Checks Production & Distribution – Printing and distributing all physical checks
  • EFT Generation & Submission – Producing ACH/EFT payment files and submitting to the bank
  • Positive Pay submission & Exception Administration – Submission of physical checks issued to the bank for internal control purposes.  Investigating and providing resolution for all exceptions.
  • Bank Reconciliation – Reconciliation of all operating bank accounts to the general ledger on a monthly basis.
  • Treasury Service – Maintaining all bank accounts and provide management of long term investments.
  • Inter-Agency DT/DF Reconciliation – Internal Control procedure to ensure all transactions between agencies are properly accounted for.
  • General Accounting – Preparing/posting all necessary journal entries, performing month-end close procedures, reconciling general ledger accounts on a monthly basis.
  • Financial Statement Preparation – Preparation of annual financial statements and related footnotes.
  • Internal & External Audit – Coordination and preparation of all requested information for the various periodic audits.
  • Budget/Financial Analysis – Provides financial information and guidance in a timely manner to reduce costs / increase revenues while also maximizing the missional goals.
  • Treasury Service for General Conference – Providing cash management services for GC
  • UMC Budget (The Shared Service) – Reviews the budget of each treasury receiving general Church funds in accordance with guidelines communicated to the agencies with consideration of the evaluations from the Connectional Table on the missional effectiveness of the program-related agencies.  GCFA ensures that the expenditures of agencies receiving general Church funds do not exceed available receipts and reserves and are within the budget approved by the Council.