Human Resources Assessment Services

Have you hit a plateau on the impact of your ministry?  Need some data-driven recommendations on how to break through to even more effective use of your greatest asset - your staff? 

A GCFA human resource assessment helps you manage your staff more effectively. 

Let our experienced human resources department assess the current culture within the office and determine if any barriers are preventing employees from fulfilling their potential.  The following will be identified: 

  • Organization goals 
  • Organization resources 
  • Organization climate 
  • Environmental constraints 

There are many factors to consider when assessing an organization, so we use multiple mediums to gather data. Employees are asked to complete questionnaires on a broad range of topics related to the work environment and their position. 

Employees, supervisors, and managers are interviewed to gain a more in-depth understanding of their questionnaire answers and to gain a working knowledge of their position within the organization. 

A detailed reportprovided to the client after the assessment is concluded, will provide recommendations as to how to address the findings and successfully implement any necessary changes. We also offer best practices related to compliance and recordkeeping.

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