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Vanco eGiving and Engagement Tools for UMC Churches

At Vanco, we know you want to be a thriving church. In order to do that, you need an easy way for members to give, communicate, and participate. The problem is, members are making fewer cash-and-check donations and there are too many options for facilitating communications, which makes you feel stressed and overwhelmed. We believe every church should have the tools they need to accept donations and effectively communicate with their members. We understand how difficult it is to be successful without the right tools, which is why we've already empowered 3,000 UMC churches with the technology they need. 

How Vanco Does It 

  1. Request a free demo.
  2. We’ll help you select and set up the right tools for your church. 
  3. Start increasing donations and simplifying communication among your members.

Free Resources and Demo

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And in the meantime, read our guide explaining the 10 reasons why your members won't give to your church. This guide shows churches the obstacles members have when they give. Learn how to make eGiving easy with this resource.

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