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HR Recruitment for Your Ministry

Hiring the most viable candidate for the right position in your ministry takes prayer and action. 

The person needs to identify their call, and you need to know if they are able to fulfill that call in your organization for the good of God’s ministry. A solid recruitment plan streamlines the hiring process and helps to connect with a diverse applicant pool, including those not actively searching for a new position. They may be the perfect fit for your organization.

GCFA's HR Ministry Recruitment Services is a “start-to-finish” offering by HR. Once a candidate has been selected, HR will help craft the offer letter, do background checks, contact references and tailor a custom onboarding orientation process.

Career Opportunies

Our Approach Includes:

job description.png

Developing job descriptions

Reviewing resumes

Conducting phone screenings

Interview questions.png

Interview question preparation

Training selection.png

Training selection committee on best practices

Let’s Start Working Together!

Read What Others Have To Say

Organized and Efficient

"GCFA’s HR Department will be one of the first calls made to assist us in the job hunting process.”

Bishop Frank J. Beard

Illinois Great Rivers Conference

UMC Support Resources

HR Recruitment
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