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Faith-based, educational travel opportunities 

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Educational Opportunities Tours is a Christian travel ministry that has been delivering Christian journeys of a lifetime for almost 50 years. Travelers have joined EO around the world on Holy Land pilgrimages, Bible land expeditions – by land and sea, Church heritage tours, retreat cruises, and cultural explorations. EO’s travel experts and on-site hospitality staff serve each guest by handling all travel details and ensuring safety and health throughout each journey. Curated itineraries, educational resources, and guest speakers create unique experiences that change individual lives, ministry, and the Church. 

Why Christian Travel?

You are called to make disciples. EO is called to partner with you to inspire disciples. Christian travel will bring the Bible to life, enhance disciples’ understanding of church history, and introduce travelers to people in countries and cultures around the world.

How Does Group Travel Work?

EO Tours works with Hosts/Group Leaders to curate a Christian journey that fits their ministry goals. Hosts invite people to participate on their journey using free printed and digital resources provided by EO Tours. EO takes care of all the details including registration, payments, hotels, airlines, meals, and attractions. EO also provides pre-tour communications to prepare the group for their journey. When travelers arrive at their destination, our drivers, guides, and hospitality teams take care of all them during the journey.

Do I Need a Large Group?

Groups of any size can travel with EO. If you travel on one of the dates listed on, the pricing applies to all individuals and groups. All those who register for a specific date will travel together. If you have a large number of travelers, you may have a bus exclusive to your group. When Hosts curate a customized itinerary, the estimated group size is incorporated into the pricing package. For groups of 6-16 that want a private expedition, our EOX staff will help you curate a journey to destinations around the world that fit your needs, budget, and schedule.

Who Can Organize Group?

Any individual or organization that will invite others to join them on an EO journey can be an EO Host/Group Leader. Visit for more information and to register – no cost or obligation. Hosts that recruit a group to travel with EO may be able to earn free travel. Registered Hosts will receive more details and periodic email newsletters with travel updates, news, and special offers.

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Due to an air traffic controller strike in France and a torrential downpour in Budapest, I literally "missed the boat" (for a river cruise). This gave me 7 hours to kill in Lyon, France. Through a series of wrong turns, I met an Ethiopian college student whose family offered to give me a ride into town and then insisted I spend the day with them in their home. It turns out they go to church with my colleagues. What are the chances? I was a grateful recipient of their generous hospitality! There are no coincidences. At the end of the day, they dropped at the dock, which of course, was 5 miles from their home. As I left, the daughter said, "See, God wanted me to meet you."

Robin Kohl 

EO Tour Host

| Faith-based Educational Opportunities & Tours | General Council on Finance and Administration


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