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Monetize your church parking and raise revenue


Park Thrive helps faith organizations generate new revenue from their underused church parking lots or increase revenue from their existing parking operations. 

Who is Park Thrive?

Park Thrive is a customizable and flexible parking management solution that allows Churches to monetize and manage their parking lots while maintaining full control

  • Primarily, this means allowing churches to receive payment from someone parking in the lot when the lot is not being fully utilized

What does Park Thrive Cover?

Park Thrive covers the cost of new signs and sign installation

What are the terms?

There are no contracts, commitments or leases to use the service

How does Park Thrive work?

Park Thrive operates on a revenue share model so they only make money when you do

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We had a problem with University Students filling up our parking lot and not having enough space for our members to park even on Sundays. With a paid lot that is no longer a problem keeping only those willing to pay a small fee using our lot. This has eliminated most of our parking issues.

Randy, Vestry

Lutheran Church in Eugene, OR



Contact us at 

or at 1 470-837-2417 to get in

touch and learn more

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