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Grow Generosity and Help Your Church Thrive 

For churches to thrive and achieve their missions, members need to feel connected, in-the-know, and inspired to share their gifts and time. Whether you’re just getting started with online giving, expanding your ministry, or need to integrate with your church management software, Vanco can help you chart the path that works best for your church. 

How Can Vanco Help You?

Inspire Generosity

A captivating giving experience that inspires members to share their gifts. No dropdown menus. Share why each cause exists and help them envision how they can make a difference.


Engage your members

Vanco’s church app and streaming solution can give your church all it needs to connect and engage members. Both are complete with the same transformative giving experience.


Integrate with your ChMS

Are you using a Church Management and/or finance solution? What about adding a new one? We’ve got you covered with 60 integrations and counting.

Transform Stewardship with Vanco. 

We know there’s more to stewardship than making online giving as easy as passing the plate. It’s even more important to step back and focus on what inspires church members to share their gifts, and on making life easy for the people entrusted with those resources. That’s why GCFA encourages you to join the 38,000+ churches that trust Vanco achieve their mission.

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"Thank you for providing such a great service. It is secure, easy to use and beneficial to our church. I would highly recommend Vanco to all our fellow United Methodist Churches."

Burlington United Methodist Church, Burlington, WI

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