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Empowering the United Methodist Church to Amplify its Impact in the World.

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A Smarter Way
to Understand, Engage and Grow Your Members

Ministry Brands is proud to offer United Methodist Church (UMC) congregations three exclusive package options on our Ministry Brands Amplify+ platform, each designed to cater to the unique needs of your church. Ministry Brands Amplify+ is an all-encompassing church software platform that supports the pillars of healthy church operations, including community and discipleship, communication and engagement, financial stewardship, staff and volunteer effectiveness, and safety. This special offer aims to empower UMC churches through advanced technology solutions that facilitate ministry, mission, and member engagement.

Learn More About Ministry Brands Amplify+

What Sets Ministry Brands Amplify+ Apart?

Ministry Brands is more than a church tech company. We genuinely believe in our mission to Empower Healthy Churches.

That's why we have brought together some of the best-in-class end-to-end solutions, services, and insights that UMC Churches need to go beyond their walls and Sundays to empower their Ministry, Mission, and Members.

Streamline How Your Church Operates with Ministry Brands Amplify+

Recognizing the complex and growing needs of the church, GCFA advocates for leveraging the comprehensive capabilities of Ministry Brands Amplify+. This all-in-one solution is designed to streamline church operations, encompassing a wide array of services from digital giving and congregant management to websites, mobile apps and streaming. Join the expansive network of over 90,000 churches and purpose-driven organizations that have trusted Ministry Brands with furthering their mission through innovative solutions.

See how Ministry Brands Amplify+ makes knowing and growing your ministry easy.

Your next step is simple.

Ministry Brands Logo_2x.png
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