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Financial Services & Resources

The Financial Services Department fulfills GCFA’s Disciplinary responsibilities to hold in trust and distribute monies given by individual church members through their local churches for general Church benevolences and programs.

Financial Services also publishes reports for the  denomination, as well as resources for local church and affiliated ministries. 

We are committed to providing our stakeholders with quality services and support while adhering to our mandate to insure that funds given to the Church are used appropriately and efficiently.

Looking for denominational financial reports?

Does your annual conference or affiliated organization need financial services?

Financial Services at GCFA provides several solutions to Annual Conferences, General Agencies, and other larger affiliated organizations.


If your historically-related Methodist organization needs assistance with a financial assessment or financial analysis, contact us today!

Financial Services of the GCFA  | UMC Support | GCFA | General Council on Finance and Administration

Our Pleasure to Serve Your Ministry


Evaluate Accounting Processes



Improvement Plans


Streamline Reporting


Prepare Annual Spending Plans


Budget Guidance

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